Identifying the signs of addiction is the basic step to getting help for yourself or your loved one to opt for a rehab. The signs of addiction are categorized into behavioral, physical and psychological aspects.

The behavioral aspects highlights the individual’s relation with reality, when addiction is already in progress.

Obsessive thoughts and actions are part of the behavioral signs of addiction. The individual becomes super-interested in their addiction, not giving attention to other aspects of their lives.

Thus, in due time, their family, work and school would suffer. In the mid-term and long run, these individuals would get to discover that much harm has been done to various aspects of their lives.

Also, there is a strong tendency for them to lose control completely. At a point, some of them realize the need to refrain, but it is impossible for them to do so.

The reason for this is, there are varying withdrawal symptoms that are peculiar to various types of addiction. So, taking a break from their addictive habit makes those withdrawal symptoms to manifest.

People who are addicted do not like opening up. They would rather remain in their addictive acts than open up to people, for the fear of being judged based on their actions.

This is one of the major reasons why there are conflicts among family and friends, because the love and care goes cold when someone is addicted.

For the physical signs of addiction, they are manifestations of an addictive habit. These physical signs are often associated with substance addiction.

For instance, it is very easy to spot people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol because they would have small or enlarged pupils, they gain weight suddenly or vice versa, eyes are bloodshot and a host of others.

Other symptoms like aggression, delusion, drowsiness, agitation amongst others are very common too.

It is advised that people who are addicted seek help as soon as they can. Addiction has the capacity to take over an individual’s life if they are not careful.

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