Addiction is usually described as the inability to quit the usage of a particular substance, or stop the performance of a specific act, not minding the adverse consequences which are attached to it. People who are hooked on alcohol or drugs, usually state that it is often very difficult to stop it, and if they quit for a while, it becomes totally difficult, that they have to resume its usage.

A good number of times, those who are addicted, typically would not want to own up to the fact that they are, and the only way they can break free from it, is if they have the assistance of family and friends who would assist them to identify the problem.

Below are some of the signs to look out for if you want to identify an addict:

  • Physical signs: Addiction to either drugs or alcohol, has adverse effects on the physical health of an individual, and some of these physical signs can be seen by other people who are quite observant. Someone who is suffering from substance addiction would most likely show any of these physical signs: Nausea, Headaches, Flushed skin, Insomnia, vomiting of blood, Pupils dilation, Drastic loss in weight or dramatic weight gain and shaky hands.
  • Behavioral changes: Addiction has an adverse effect in every facet of an individual’s life. The person would be forced to continue using it irrespective of the fact that it is negatively impacting them. There are some common behavioral changes which are typical of addicted people, and they are usually very easy to notice.

First off, the individual could experience blackouts or memory loss from time to time, also such person could be regularly involved in fights and arguments. In addition, there is a likely chance that the person would experience depression and also have mood swings.

Also, the person could use alcohol or drugs to relax, and to improve their sleeping habits.

You might be lucky enough to catch some of them drinking alone, or probably in secret.

  • Daily life changes: Addicted individuals would undergo some changes which would be evident in their daily life pattern. One very common one, is their communication pattern. They would not be able to maintain relationships, and with time their social life would be on a low ebb.

It is advised that once addicts are discovered, they should be given prompt medical care, so that they can get back on their feet quickly.

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