People who are addicted think that the positive effects they feel are awesome and permanent. Little did they know that these seemingly positive effects are a means to a negative end.

Addiction is a brain disease that comes with a truckload of adverse effects that can take over the life of an individual.  

The primary meaning of addiction is a compulsive and inordinate desire to engage in habits that are detrimental to the body. For some people, they feel that their regular habit that is done excessively is normal. They do not know that they are addicted already.

There are various forms of addiction, but the two major ones in the world today are drug and alcohol addiction.

The negative effects of addiction are easily detected if you are observant enough. To start with, the individual would experience a decline in productivity; whether school or work.

The individual would discover that there is a reduction in interest and things are not the same as they used to be.

People who are addicted do not really care about the opinions of others concerning their addiction. And the reason for this is, they often receive prejudice instead of love. In trying to convince an individual to change, the most appropriate step is to approach them with love and not destructive criticism.

In addition, there are some observable physical signs that shows an individual is addicted. This is common among those who are hooked on substance addiction.

You will observe that some of them will experience a massive drop in weight. Others could have skin discoloration or scaly skins; and a whole lot.

For those who have mental health problem, there is a likely chance that their problem would get worse. Addiction can be seen as a catalyst that heightens any previous medical problem that an individual has.

The good part is, addiction can be well treated if the individual is ready to cooperate and accept that they have an addiction problem.

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